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14-15 MAY 2012

The Pavilion, Dun Laoghaire

Media Future 2012 Conference Schedule

Day One - Monday 14th May 2012

14:00 - 17:00 Media Future Workshops

Work Life Balance
Exceptional productivity at home and in the office
With Dr John Sharry (Author & Irish Times Columnist)

How to Get Results from Social Media
Best Practices from Harvard Business Review
With Josh Macht (Group Publisher, Harvard Business Review)

Playing at Creative
The key to coming up with great ideas
With Liam Doona (Head of the Department of Art and Design at IADT)

Why social news is transforming information consumption
Christian Payne - @documentally
Bilal Randeree – Social Media Producer, Al Jazeera
Olivia Solon - Associate Editor, Wired UK
Laura Evans - Chief Experience Officer, Washington Post

17:00 – 21:00 Drinks reception, Prive, Marine Road

Day Two - Tuesday May 15th 2012

07:30 – 09:00 Registration, Dun Laoghaire County Council

08:45 – 10:40
Session One: Mastering the art of the story

Will McInnes,  Managing Director, Nixon McInnes
‘Culture Shock: How the Future of Business is Social’

Matt Locke, Founder, Storythings
‘Back in the Crowd: Storytelling in the age of spiky attention’

Hugh Garry, Senior Producer, BBC
‘Everything is Permeable, nobody is happy’

10:45 – 11:25 Coffee break

11:25 – 12:10
Session Two: Digital Activism

Bilal Randeree, Social Media Producer, Al Jazeera
‘The Arab Uprising: A Social Media Revolution’

Conor White Sullivan, Director of Editorial Technology, Huffington Post
‘Media and Movements: How the Web is changing Journalism and Democracy’

12:10 – 13:00
Session Three: The future of information

Raju Narisetti, Managing Editor, Wall Street Journal Digital Network ‘Journalism matters: But Experiencing that Journalism will matter even more’

Olivia Solon, Associate Editor, Wired.com
‘Will machines ever replace journalists?’

13:00 – 14:15 lunch break

14:15 – 15:40
Session Four: Mash – Exploding Media

Antony Mayfield, Digital media and marketing consultant
‘Earned Attention: How to Build Digital Brand Systems that last’

Ian Wharton, Creative Partner, Zolmo
‘A mobile future’

Dr. Mariann Hardey,  Associate Director for Centre of Communication, University of Durham
‘Out of Office: The virtues of Disconnection’

Interview with former Presidential candidate Sean Gallagher

Music by Saso

15:40 – 16:15 coffee break

16:15 – 17:30
Session Five: Perspectives on the Future

Kevin O’Sullivan, Editor, The Irish Times
‘The Irish Times 2012: Digitally-driven from the Platform of a Quailty Newspaper’

Laura Evans, Head of User Experience, Washington Post
Why Customers and Data Matter in Newsrooms and Media Companies’

Josh Macht,  Publisher, Harvard Business Review
‘The Importance of the Human Touch Online: now more than ever’

18:00 – 21:00 Post conference barbeque, Prive, Marine Road

Work Life Balance

Exceptional productivity at home and in the office


In the business world people are busier and under more pressure than ever. Our working day has expanded to 24 hours and we are constantly bombarded by emails, tweets, texts and mobile phone calls all of which have to be noticed and responded to.

Yet despite all this pressure, many people are less productive than ever. People can be working long hours chasing their tails, yet at the end of the day have an uneasy feeling of not being productive and not getting the important things done.

Drawing on the latest research from positive psychology, this workshop will help you understand what real productivity means and present principles that you can apply to reorient your work life so as to increase your productivity and effectiveness. Central to this is a discovery of your deepest motivation and learning to focus on what matters most and what leads to the greatest sense of satisfaction both at home and at work.

You will learn:

- Five practical principles to achieve exceptional productivity
- To understand your motivation and to align your work to what matters most to you
- To take control of your work life so you can lead and set the agenda
- To achieve balance between your work and home life so both are satisfying to you personally

Trainer Profile

Dr John Sharry is the best selling author of ten positive psychology and self-help books including Becoming a Solution Detective and Positive Parenting. He is a weekly health columnist for The Irish Times and a regular contributor to the national media. He is Founding Director of the Parents Plus Charity and a mental health professional with over 20 years experience.

He is co-developer of the award winning Parents Plus and Working Things Out programmes and a leading researcher in the application of technology to mental health services delivery. A renowned teacher, trainer and workshop presenter nationally and internationally, John has trained thousands of professionals in the last decade and delivered hundreds of courses and workshops. John is well known for his engaging, inspirational yet informative and practical presentation style. His practice website is www.solutiontalk.ie .

How to Get Results from Social Media

Best Practices from Harvard Business Review


Published since 1922, the Harvard Business Review (HBR) is arguably the most influential business publication in the globe.

Its worldwide English-language circulation is 250,000, and there are 11 licensed editions of the magazine.

In the last 18 months the HBR has embarked on an impressive digital strategy to completely transform how it communicates with its audience.

In that time it has seen a 25 per cent growth in online subscriptions generating 7 million monthly page views. The HBR has also grown an impressive 650,000-plus Twitter followers and more than 340,000 Facebook fans, who it already polls about decisions such as which cover image to use.

This workshop will be hosted by the publisher of the Harvard Business Review, Josh Macht, and will give a unique insight into how you can learn from their digital experience.

We live in an age when everyone is tweeting, sharing, posting and talking about your content. This session will help you answer the question “What is it really worth?” and how can you plan it to be a success in your organization.

During this workshop, Josh will show you how to think strategically about social media and how to get you and your organisation focused on what truly matters when it comes to driving meaningful business growth through the web.


- Cutting edge thinking and ideas from the Harvard Business Review
- Examples from HBR.org, which has grown its social media by more than 200 percent
- Framework for thinking strategically about your top social media priorities
- Understanding how to adapt your social media strategy given rapid innovation
- Ideas for tapping into your entire organisation for new product offerings

Speaker Profile

Joshua Macht is the Group publisher for the newly formed Harvard Business Review Group. In this role Macht oversees the commercial activities for Harvard Business Review’s magazine, website (HBR.org), and books. He also drives new product development across all three platforms, as well as emerging technologies, under the flagship Harvard Business Review brand. In his previous role as executive director of Harvard Business Digital, he led the dramatic growth of the company’s web efforts, including entirely new areas of the site focused on emerging leaders.

Playing at Creative

The key to coming up with great ideas


In communications the constant demand for new thinking, fresh ideas and innovation means we have to be much more creative to thrive.

In communications the constant demand for new thinking, fresh ideas and innovation means we have to be much more creative to thrive.

In the last five years the companies that have outperformed all others have one thing in common – they have creativity at their core.

Producing the right circumstances and mindset for creativity is a significant challenge, and the pressure to “ be creative” can very often be an obstacle to the creative process itself.

Based in Dun Laoghaire Institute of Art and Design’s “ Drawing Project” - this workshop will explore what kind of “creative” you are – and will help you to achieve much more by tapping into your inner creative.

It will give you time to consider the characteristics of an effective creative team. It will help you to develop an ethos of creativity at work, and through practicing collaborative abilities, building creative working environments and working resourcefully to create moments of innovation and inspiration.

Participants will be using creative arts techniques in a highly interactive and practical way, and will be provided with an opportunity to exercise their inventive streak, sharpen their imaginative skills and be ingenious.

Trainer Profile

Liam Doona is Head of the Department of Art and Design at IADT. He is a practising theatre designer and educator working in Ireland and the UK. His practice involves working with cross disciplinary teams and he has taught creative practice strategies at organisations and events from Leeds to Taiwan.

Why social news is transforming information consumption


In the last five years, a revolutionary shift has taken place in the way we consume news. We have gone from consuming through television, newspapers, and news websites to actively exchanging information through our social networks. Social news is now finding us.

In the USA, 75% of all online news is now accessed through shared news from social networking sites or e-mail - and half of online news users share it themselves.

Social news users want, and almost expect, it to be filtered through the knowledge and perspectives of trusted connections.

Communicators, journalists, news organisations, social networks and technology companies are all attempting to respond to this demand with sites and tools that address this shift towards a personalised social news stream. Are they adopting the right strategy, or trying to impose old ways of doing things on a new medium?

This workshop will examine the phenomenal growth of social news. It will identify the current trends and online tools to help you use social news to communicate better with 'the people formerly known as the audience'.


- How social news is curated?
- Can you influence social news?
- What happened to the editors?
- Consumption control and aggregation.
- Serendipity in an age of personalisation.

- What makes people trust social news sources?
- How social news impacts on commerce.
- What are great social news tools.
- What’s Next? A Credibility and Trust Index.


Christian Payne - @documentally Chairperson
Bilal Randeree – Social Media Producer Al Jazeera
Olivia Solon, Associate Editor Wired UK
Laura Evans, Chief Experience Officer, Washington Post

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